SAFFE-FLEX(Beams & Slab)

SAFFE-FLEX beams and slabs are designed in a highly versatile manner that is capable of being designed and fit on every floor plan and slab thickness.
The system consists of high-quality items that are aimed to deliver maximum results. The system consists of very few items - H16 or H20 beams, props, four-way heads and tripods. Timber beams are lightweight, easy to handle and are durable for a very long period of time. SAFFE Props are available in various lengths and load-bearing capacities. The four-way head assures adaptability, while safely holding on one or two H20 beams in place. The tripods support the framework system and are self-standing during set-up and stripping which results in reducing the labour required during the erection and dismantling of these.

  • Plywood
  • H16 Beams / H20 Beams( Wooden )
  • Four-way Head
  • Prop
  • Tripod