• Wooden H beams and Timber H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    Best and Cost-effective solutions by International Quality and Standard
  • Timber H beams and Wooden H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    High end technology and assured quality 75 Years of trust
  • Wooden H beams and Timber H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • Timber H beams and Wooden H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    Best and Cost-effective solutions by International Quality and Standard
  • Manufacturers of wooden H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    Saffe - caters to construction industry, with innovations
  • Manufacturers of wooden H beams
    SAFFE Formwork Systems
    Quality products & Best prices
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"Dedication" is a term which purely expresses our past 75 years bound with Quality, Reliability and Innovation.

These core values along with our adamant dedication have justified our presence as a fast growing, dynamic and reputable company SAFFE has a complete provider attitude with wide and advanced product range, but it is our skilled engineering team, which excels in service and underpins SAFFE's standing in Indian markets.

We are crafting Strength at Saffe System with a commitment to quality and durability, Saffe System offers a range of products from Wooden H Beams and more, designed to enhance the strength and stability of buildings while reducing construction time and costs.

Manufacturers of timber H beams

75 Years of


SAFFE SYSTEMS are committed for continuous improvement in Customer Satisfaction through an effective Quality Management System. Our well-developed quality checking unit assists us in undertaking quality checking at each stage of production process. We delivering products after thoroughly checking the quality. We are committed to meet customers' needs and expectations by delivering competitive services and solutions through continual improvement of our systems. In order to attain a better position in the market, the facility is upgraded on a highly regular basis. We invests heavily in Research and Development to ensure that its customers remain one step ahead of their competition at all times. Being a leader in innovation, SAFFE SYSTEMS always provides unique and tailored solutions to meet the ever changing demands of the market.

Leaders in Quality, Dependability, and Creativity

"Dedication" isn't just a word at SAFFE Systems; it defines our journey spanning 75 years, marked by an unwavering commitment to Quality, Dependability, and Creativity as a Manufacturer and supplier of wooden beams.

Established as a respected entity, SAFFE Systems has carved its place as a dynamic and rapidly growing company in the Indian markets. Our core values echo through every aspect of our operations, from manufacturing to customer service, and also known as the best Manufacturers of wooden H beams. The products we offer include ranging from H20 wooden beams to H16 wooden beams, made of high-quality oak. These beams are designed to provide excellent stability and support for structures.

Using Doka Beams in building tall structures and solving tricky infrastructure problems has changed how things are made. It gives a lot of benefits like more strength, flexibility, and getting work done faster than before

As manufacturers of Wooden H Beams, Timber H Beams, and Doka beams, our expertise is built on experience. With 75 years in the industry, we've continually adapted to meet changing construction demands. Our dedication to excellence shines through in every product we offer and therefore we are also known as the best Manufacturers of timber H beams, Timber H Beams are developed to provide unmatched structural support and balance.

SAFFE-FORM: Setting new benchmarks in formwork solutions, SAFFE-FORM is the preferred choice for walls and columns in projects ranging from residential homes to high rises. Our advanced engineering ensures seamless integration, even in the most complex floor plans with formwork beams.

Ensuring employees and systems are safe is the most important thing in construction. Safeguarding Systems formwork beams focus on safety above all else.

SAFFE-TABLEFORM: Offering flexibility and convenience, SAFFE-TABLEFORM easily adapts to changing slab needs. Featuring a lightweight formwork facing, assembly is effortless.

SAFFE-CLIMBING SYSTEM:: Reach new heights with SAFFE-CLIMBING SYSTEM. Ideal for forming taller walls, pillars, and stair shafts, our climbing scaffold guarantees safety and efficiency on every project. We are the finest among Manufacturers of timber H beams.

SAFFE-PANELFORM: Lightweight yet robust, SAFFE-PANELFORM is perfect for projects requiring easy assembly and dismantling. Our panels are easy to handle without compromising strength.

SAFFE-FLEX: is a system for beams and slabs that are designed to be very versatile, fitting into any floor plan and slab thickness. It's made up of just a few high-quality items: H16 wooden beams or H20 wooden beams, props, four-way heads, and tripods. The timber beams are lightweight, easy to handle, and long-lasting.

SAFFE–HEAVY DUTY TOWERS: When it comes to supporting slabs and Wooden H Beams, SAFFE–HEAVY DUTY TOWERS deliver unmatched stability and support. Whether it's table-type slabs, loading towers, or ladder towers, our heavy frames are the go-to choice.

At SAFFE Systems, quality is paramount. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to uphold the highest standards of quality control at every production stage including Wooden H Beams. With a focus on continuous improvement, we invest in research and development to stay ahead offer innovative solutions and become one of the best Manufacturer and supplier of wooden beams.

With over 15 years of industry experience, our team is committed to pushing boundaries and introducing new products and strategies that drive us toward excellence. If you are thinking of Affordable wooden H beams visit nowhere else but the SAFFE systems. We prioritize offering solutions that combine affordability with reliability by providing Affordable wooden H beams, ensuring that our customers receive the best possible value for their investment.

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Mr. C. K. P. Mujesh (Business Partner) has more than 15 years of experience in various capacities in the business of wood and wood-based products.

An MBA (Finance) he looks after the overall management of M/s. Saffe companies. He is also in-charge of marketing and keen to introduce new products and innovative strategies that take the group miles ahead.

He is supported by a team of management and technical professionals at various levels.